Remove a package - break dependencies

If you need to remove some package from your Debian based system you can do that by this

dpkg --force-depends --purge package_name

and install it back by

apt-get install package_name

*package_name is your package

Roundcube mysql with ssl + password plugin

Description: Roundcube mysql with ssl
Dependencies: roundcube 0.95, php 5.3.7, mysql server configure for ssl, pear module and php-mdb2-driver-mysql

change in file "$ROUNDCUBE_DIR/roundcube/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_db_mysql.php"


Should look like:
if (!empty($dsn['key'])) {
$result[PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_SSL_KEY] = $dsn['key'];

And in
In different versions maybe more will be changed.

Postfix check_headers

Playing with postfix check_headers directive

Application: Postfix
Version: 2.9
System: Debian
Use check_headers to replace some headers from emails send by postfix

Maildir format - notification, mailx command

Using Maildir format in Debian 7:

  • mail notification after login
  • mail notification after ssh login
  • read mail using mailx or mail command

BTW: set delivery agents to use Maildir before

open XEN | open XCP notes

U can see some usefull things below.


  • VNC console cs_CZ keymap = use en layout(gnome) while connection to DOM0 console(via tunnel like ssh -CN -L 5900(localport):localhost:5901 $HOST)
  • no LVM in storage type = create symlink from to LVHDSR in /usr/lib/xcp/sm/
  • HVC console = /etc/default/grub (CMDLINE_LINUX="console=hvc0") /etc/inittab (co:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty hvc0 9600 linux)
network bonding aka etherchannel

Network bonding on debian:

mode used: balance roundrobin
NICs: 2x 100Mbit
application: ifenslave-2.6 (Debian Wheezy repos)
configs: /etc/network/interfaces
kernel: 3.2 (deb official)

sometimes is need to put "alias bond0 bonding \
options miimon=100 downdelay=200 updelay=200"
to /etc/modules|modprobe.d/

playing with dd_rescue, loop device and mdadm

How to backup drive and examine mdadm over the image file using loop

WPA passphrase checking

How to check your WPA passphrase security.

Restore deleted files

Progs needed:
extundelete (check repository or

#change dir to place where can u write/read with enought space

#remount(umount/mount) disk with files w8ing for restore with read only att

umount /dev/xxx

mount -o ro /dev/xxx /media/yyy

#see which inode belongs to you desired folder(with deleted files)
ls -il /zzz

#do the job
extundelete /dev/xxx --restore-inode aaaa


Firefox addons

List of Firefox plugins I have.

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