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U can see some usefull things below.


  • VNC console cs_CZ keymap = use en layout(gnome) while connection to DOM0 console(via tunnel like ssh -CN -L 5900(localport):localhost:5901 $HOST)
  • no LVM in storage type = create symlink from to LVHDSR in /usr/lib/xcp/sm/
  • HVC console = /etc/default/grub (CMDLINE_LINUX="console=hvc0") /etc/inittab (co:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty hvc0 9600 linux)
network bonding aka etherchannel

Network bonding on debian:

mode used: balance roundrobin
NICs: 2x 100Mbit
application: ifenslave-2.6 (Debian Wheezy repos)
configs: /etc/network/interfaces
kernel: 3.2 (deb official)

sometimes is need to put "alias bond0 bonding \
options miimon=100 downdelay=200 updelay=200"
to /etc/modules|modprobe.d/

WPA passphrase checking

How to check your WPA passphrase security.

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